Software is an effective way to disseminate statistical methodology. I try to develop R packages for the statistical ideas I publish. Bioconductor is an open source and open development software project for the analysis and comprehension of genomic data. Because genomics is the focus of most of my work, the majority of my software is available through Bioconductor and you can find these software packages by visiting the projects portal where you will find packages for pretty much any genomics data analysis need. Examples of some of the packages my lab has contributed to are:


Several of my projects, including this website, are developed on GitHub. This includes

Data Analysis for the Life Sciences (DALS) code

All the code used to create the figures, tables and results in the Data Analysis for the Life Sciences book are hosted on GitHub and served off this page,


The rafalib package contains a series of shortcuts for routine tasks originally developed to facilitate data exploration. It is available on CRAN. The code is also hosted on GitHub.